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Individual Ally

Hope Haulers is an organization of individuals. Business, church and ministry are nothing but individuals grouped together. You are the core. If there is HOPE at this level there is HOPE at all levels. Our desire is that you experience SUCCESS. It is important to understand what we mean by SUCCESS.

Society leads one to believe that SUCCESS is "how much you have" from a material or physical perspective. It doesn't matter how you get there... just get there.


Preparing for Success

Success = Godliness( 1 Tim 4:8) + Contentment( 1 Tim 6:6)
Success = Freedom from Greed

1) Keep an Eternal Perspective
2) Simplify View of Essentials
3) Count Blessings in Christ
4) Transfer Ownership back to GOD
5) Look for GOD in Every Situation
6) Trust GOD

Want and Need More Grace

God not only gave us the formula, He modeled the formula for us in the person of Jesus Christ. Take a look at the model. He did not come to conquer. He came to serve. It was not lip service. It was action. His service was to the point of sacrifice.

The formula works every time for those that will commit to it. The formula works for "human kind" because we are created in His image. It works for the individual, the business, the church congregation and the ministry.

Success = Serve + Grow... in that order

Test it... apply it to your life, business, ministry or congregation... is it true?

We Hope Haulers believe it. That's why we look to serve you first.

Driver... allow us to serve you by improving your health, finances and relationships with people and your Creator. We will do this at your terminal and on the road as well. How much will it cost you? It's free... no strings attached. All that we ask is to hold you accountable to progress. Let us know how you are doing. Let us rejoice in your SUCCESS.

We have spoken with thousands of drivers during the 20+ years in this industry. The lesson we learned that most impacted us was that operating the truck was only 15-25% of the task in becoming a professional driver. The areas that comprised the rest of that journey are rarely addressed, or even discussed, at the school or carrier level. Living on the road for 2 to 3 weeks or more is the most difficult adjustment to make. One must be concerned with the 4 areas of life that make up each one of us whether on the road or not… physical, financial, emotional and spiritual. By using a variety of tools, technology, testing and time we have come up with the best opportunity for those that desire to be that professional driver. The outcome we deliver is quality of life within the framework of OTR trucking. There are many obstacles dealt with, but we feel that the solution takes only commitment on both our parts. If you are interested in being the best you can be and enjoying the fruits of your labor, contact us by phone or email. If you email, make sure that Pro4Journey is in the subject line of your message.

On the Big Road
If you are new to trucking, or if you are thinking about coming into trucking, you may want to take advantage of this brief, direct and easy to understand booklet. It was written by a current driver with a major carrier. Immediately upon graduation from truck driving school he trained at one of the multi-thousand truck carriers that train students. After just a few days with a trainer he heard the following, "here's the keys… here's a coke… here's a smile… go for it… I can't teach you any more." He could drive the truck very well, but knew little about how to live on the road. He became "student of the year" with that carrier. He's only been driving about 5 years now, so the thoughts that he's penned are relevant to those that are new or recent to the industry. It will be available here sometime in October, 2004.

Non driver... we'll do the same for you... just not on the road.

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