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Church Ally

Hope Haulers provides a variety of resources for the local congregation. We provide an environment through which they can prepare the saints for personal outreach; offer lists of families actively searching for a church home; financially endow missionaries to trucking and the rest of the world as they share the message of HOPE.

Training and/or practice ground for personal evangelism- our belief is that the primary purpose of the church (congregation) is to prepare the saint to reach the lost with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ... period. The greatest field that is ripe for harvest is the workplace or school. Most people (not witnessing) are uncomfortable for fear of embarrassment or rejection.

Church growth- as drivers come to the LORD, rededicate their lives, or just fellowship, our normal course of action is to find out about their families at home. If they are not involved in a Bible believing, "trucking family" sensitive congregation, we ask if they would like invitations to visit churches in their home area that are "trucking family" sensitive... what church better qualifies than the ones that are ministering to the driver himself/herself? A relationship through our youth ministry allies do the same for your teens.

Raising up and financially endowing missionaries for worldwide service- many young couples without children, as well as many couples whose children are grown may be interested in missionary opportunities. Some have little or no credentials; experience or support... GOD only needs us to come with one ability in serving HIM... AVAILABILITY! We are currently identifying who these people are, introducing them to the trucking industry as "team driver candidates" and seeing if they are suited to be truck drivers for a 5 to 7 year period. During that driving time frame they are "highway evangelists" with plenty of time for study, prayer and a variety of ministry opportunities. At the close of this time period they can choose their missionary field wherever GOD leads them…even back to trucking as chaplains. Existing models lived over the last 10 years show that with prudent life style and investments, these couples could save between $400,000 and $1,000,000.

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