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Business Ally

Hope Haulers brings the basic need or purpose for all businesses... HOPE for improved profitability.

Carrier - We bring to the carrier the opportunity to reduce cost in the most expensive areas...drivers and fuel. We have more than 50 years of collective experience in fuel management. The average carrier can expect to reduce fuel costs a net 2 cents per gallon or more. We have developed a unique approach in building an environment that better attracts, trains and retains drivers. We expect at least 10% improvement in driver retention regardless of current rate or size of fleet. As our base of business allies grows we expect to consolidate a variety of procurement opportunities. The natural expectation would be to further reduce cost.

Pro4Journey is designed to assist the carrier in improving the quality of work force, attract better candidates, identify potential problem employees, and improve retention.  It takes into account all levels of experience from school prospects through seasoned professionals.  Check out the PowerPoint on drivers to better understand the importance building solid foundations, score keeping and building unity among employees.  The outcome delivered is increased profitability.

Pro4Staff is designed for those carriers that would like assistance in staffing their companies from CEO through drivers, and all in between.  Our only exception is mechanics.  If your desire is for quality employees that are matched to the specific jobs available, allow us to assist you in your search.

Pro4Fuel is the ultimate in fuel management programs for the carrier.  Whether you are a small carrier that needs help in understanding how to manage fuel, or you are sophisticated right through optimization and reconciliation, allow us to assist you in reducing your second greatest expense the best it can be done.  Depending on your current expertise you can expect savings up to $.07 per gallon and more.  View the PowerPoint on fuel to see how we progress in your behalf.

Pro4Cash is designed primarily for carriers in the 20MM to 100MM range.  We offer a suite of services acting as strategic advisor in an operational context.  Complex business situations frequently require critical analysis, modeling, and guidance in areas outside the normal decision making realm of the company owner or manager.

The Pro4 suite of services have received their name based on being Professional, Productive, Progressive and Profitable.



Transportation related vendors
We provide an inroad to the customer for your products and services.

If you have quality products and/or services that you would like to present to the transportation marketplace, please contact us for an in depth review.  We are always looking to better serve our driver/carrier clients. 


ProMiles -
We’ve had a relationship with Promiles Software Development Company for 10 years.  They have been generous to us in hosting our website at no cost to us.  They have been willing to assist us by providing free routing software to our ministry partners, as well as develop software for our Ministry Locator.  They will be done very soon.  We anxiously look forward to the positive effect it will have on chapel visits that minister to drivers and their families.  For the last few years we have assisted them in developing fuel management software that is unparalleled.  Our latest endeavor is in the area of oversize/overweight routing.  We look forward to our first state contract to close before the end of the year.  It won’t be long before we are ready for the carriers in OS/OW.  Their current products are well worth the look.

Travel Center - as a ministry site you can expect a dramatic increase in sales volume both inside and out. The chaplaincy program is an extension of the same program at the carrier level. It is also for your employees. Expect improved retention. The environment of your location will be more attractive to the most desirable categories of travelers.

Your best prospect for business is your existing customer. We have proven creative ideas to increase that segment of your business, as well as bring you new customers. LET'S TALK.


Your best prospect for business is your existing customer. We have proven creative ideas to increase that segment of your business, as well as bring you new customers. LET'S TALK.


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