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AmCoach used to provide counseling to New York



The AmCoach, a 40' motorcoach provided by TransAlive USA, staffed with counselors will depart Monday, September 24th for the New York City area to provide counseling for truckers that are working ground zero for the World Trade Center (WTC) bombing that occurred Tuesday, September 11th. Bob Hataway, President and Founder of TransAlive, stated that many men and women who are working the ground zero area driving the trucks, are in and out and could not necessarily be receiving the proper care that is being provided for those who are working on a continuous basis inside the perimeter of the WTC. "It is hard to comprehend what is going through the minds of those who are working under these extreme conditions. Our desire is to provide care and attention to these men and women as they come in for fuel at various truck stops in the area", said Hataway. Logistic support for other organizations can also be provided.

The AmCoach, which is sponsored by the industry and will be a representative for the industry through a Caring in Action Program by TransAlive, is used primarily to transport drivers home after they have had surgery when they can not comfortably travel sitting up. Hataway confirmed that since there was not currently a need for the coach in transporting drivers, that the coach and its counselors could be useful in helping men and women working in the outlying areas around New York City. The coach will not actually be going into New York, but instead working the various truck stops in the area.

For more information or if you would like to participate in helping TransAlive in this endeavor, you may call 800-USA-HURT or you may email TransAlive at


Injured truck drivers on the road to recovery have help getting home. TransAlive USA is providing extended transportation equipment to carriers from medical facilities to homes or rehabilitation centers in a specially equipped motor coach. The AmCoach is sponsored by TransAlive USA with help from the transportation industry manufacturers and suppliers.

AmCoach has a special room with an adjustable bed with special accommodations to make drivers comfortable in transit, sleeping quarters and shower facility for the staff and/or family members accompanying the driver. The motor coach also has a kitchenette, living quarters, lounge area, and luggage bay.

AmCoach provides an alternative to air charter for injured drivers who can not travel in a sitting up position, said Bob Hataway, TransAlive founder. Neither commercial flights nor standard buses allow the driver to lay down during transit.

Special air charter flights can charge up to $10 per air mile. The AmCoach operates on designated contributions, however, drivers without any assistance will be allowed to use the unit at no expense. TransAlive wants every driver to have access regardless of financial ability.

When not under dispatch, the AmCoach will visit truck stops and truck shows in addition to displaying the equipment and explaining the service.

AmCoach in New York

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